We are Jeni and Mandy.

In 2020 our similar interests in regenerative farming brought us together. Mandy had the space, Jeni had the knowledge and together we have created a beautiful garden which grows exceptional vegetables!

We grow what we would eat.

Naturally Grown


Family Run

Our Garden is cultivated with your health in mind.

We both have a passion for regenerative farming stemming from our desire to find vegetables free from synthetic herbicides, pesticides and other non-natural substances. Finding it increasingly difficult to buy veggies that meet our standards, we started growing and raising food ourselves as close to nature as possible. We use no sprays and no synthetic fertilizers. Everything is cultivated with naturally derived soil amendments, hand weeded, and raised with your health, and ours, in mind. Additionally we do not till or dig the earth, which continuously improves the soil microbiome and fungal network, increasing the nutrient content of our vegetables year after year. In 2023 we furthered our commitment to growing vegeables as naturally as possilbe and took the steps to offically have our farm Certified Naturally Grown. Read about what that means HERE.


Mandy and Jeni do all the day-to-day operations of the farm, but without our families' support we would never be able to achieve our farming dreams. Our kiddos taste test, inspire us, and provide constant entertainment, our moms both help out in tremendous ways, and without John we would never get anything built!


One of our main passions is community. We hope to bring people together on our farm for fun events, volunteer opportunities, and educational sessions. We enjoy having open farm days in May with our spring plant sale and ending the year with our free pumpkin patch day in October! Our plan for the future will be classes on no-dig gardening, vegetable cooking, and food preservation.

Ordering is available Friday-Monday with pick up and delivery options on Wednesdays.

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